Back to Basics

For nearly a decade, the Back to Basics blog has featured thought-provoking essays on conservation-, community-, and Nature-related topics. These are thoughts that weigh heavy on Ruth’s mind. They tend to challenge popular opinion in the hopes that a deeper conversation gets started.

In 2019, post topics will be refined with a shift in focus. Tips, tools, and techniques will be shared to help you redirect your spending to stop over-consumption, pollution, wastefulness, and a loss of independence. These are posts the exploiters of capitalism do not want you to read.

Ruth values debate, feedback, and even random comments. This online journal is designed to be a safe place for old-time conversation via modern technology.

Today’s Walk Outside

A younger blog, this started as a personal challenge: Get outside every single day, no matter what the weather. While the challenge remains, the short, quickly read posts are less frequent now than when it started. Still, like getting an occasional tap on the shoulder, visitors who sign up for email notifications receive gentle reminders to spend time with the wonders of what’s outside.