Frozen Stream

I, Ruth Heil, would be honored if you joined me on my quest to connect to the outdoor world in a meaningful way. Having observed environmental conservation issues for more than 25 years, and being an avid nature lover for all of my life, I want to share what I’ve seen, learned, and felt in order that it might fortify this core belief: nature requires our partnership, not our domination. Thus, I write to communicate accurate, credible, thoughtful, and timely information as it relates to the ecosystems outside my back door.

The popular culture of America is forever being manipulated into buying this message: that an unregulated free market is our only hope for prosperity. Short-term interests wrongly force the public to choose between financial gain or nature’s health. Too often it feels as if our love nature needs defending, as if we are too naive to understand “their” version of “economic gain.” Not here. Readers are NOT alone in their compassion and concern. Treading lightly on the earth may not be the easiest, most convenient, or cheapest choice, but for me, it’s the only choice. I hope my passion empowers every caring reader to seek out logical and hopeful solutions, ones that deliver us to the high ground that is the union of environmental protection and robust wealth. And I want to teach readers how to recognize the flaws in any opponent’s argument when he or she tries to deny one fact: a healthy environment is fundamental to EVERYONE’S prosperity.

Mindful reflection, thoughtful gratitude, personal responsibility, scientific interest, and inner wisdom guide my timeless perspective through this remodeled world.