Writing for Hire


Documenting stories, refining messages, and improving understanding.

Want to be taken seriously?

Yours is a credible, authentic, and professional organization. But do your prospects, customers, members, or employees know that?

In order to build loyalty and trust, you must communicate. Better yet, educate and intrigue. But writing involves more than just stringing sentences together, and the task can be particularly difficult for those with too many thoughts and too little time.

Ruth will help you transform an outpouring of ideas into your readers’ understanding. Let them know just how credible you really are.

Be Heard

The Write Beat’s service develops structured, easy-to-understand content that conveys honesty, sincerity, and passion for whatever outlet you need (website, brochure, blog, white paper, manual, etc.) It involves answering a lot of questions, so Ruth’s flexibility and sensitivity is appreciated by those who find communicating difficult. When she’s finished, you’ll have documented communication that you can use to build your image and your business. Under a write-for-hire contract, you are then free to recycle the words for all future needs.

Share your knowledge with your valuable customer. Transform that prospect into a client. Show your member the value of his or her support. Tell your employee exactly what you expect. Communicate.

Get Started


Keep customers informed and connected. Share knowledge to claim your position as an expert. Build loyalty with credible recommendations. Validate your experience with stories.

Writing Assistance

When the words are already formed, but the piece needs work, hire Ruth. She specializes in long documents such as environmental reports that can take months to produce and are flooded with details. If you’re too close to the project, the result can be choppy and confusing. Careful, often-minimal adjustments can transform your hard work from wavering and vague to steadfast and clear.

Website Copy and Blog Posts

Assistance with the text on a sophisticated, professionally designed site or writing copy for the entrepreneur using a do-it-yourself template. The Write Beat focuses on satisfying the audience first, with search engine optimization (SEO) hidden behind the scenes.

White papers

Tackling the challenging combination of complexity and simplification.


Biographies that paint a heartfelt picture to answer who, where, why, when, and how, always keeping in focus what’s been most important along the way.

Business Documentation

Learned from years serving as an office management consultant, proper documentation promotes efficiency and success. Procedures manuals dictate accurate and consistent workflow. Annual reports tell this year’s story. Manifestos spark loyalty. Mission statements prevent chaos.

Press Releases or Social Media

Sorry. This is not a public relations service.


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