Why Hire a Freelance Writer?


Americans are taught how to write a sentence almost as soon as they begin grade school. I still remember learning the difference between a noun and a verb, then later diagramming sentences (a much-disliked task).

So if we all learned to write, why then should you pay someone to write for you? The answer depends on how much you want your message to be read and understood.

A writer’s job is to first capture a reader’s attention and then answer all the questions that pop into his or her mind before the message is complete. Vocabulary, style, rhythm, point of view, metaphor, structure, and mystery are just a few tools that the writer pulls from a handcrafted toolbox to build a piece that meets its objective.

Every writer will use these tools in a different way, which is why some connect with a particular target audience more than others.

Poor writing is everywhere today for a number of reasons, but that does not make good writing any less valuable or necessary. Good writing oftentimes goes unnoticed because, when we read it, we get lost in the message — a thankless outcome of much hard work.

When someone must read something three times to understand the point, they might hang on for a little while, but they will certainly give up if the confusion continues. Time is of the essence today. There is increasing competition for society’s ever-shrinking attention span, which makes effective written communication more valuable than ever before.

Most freelance writers are good at what they do because they love what they do. They enjoy the time it takes to mold a piece into shape. Spend your time doing something that YOU love and leave the writing to a freelancer. Not only will your nouns and verbs be in the right place, your message will actually get read.