Further development of the Nature Connection forum has been halted due to strategic planning. Previous registrants will be notified when the forum gets back up and running. For all others, please check back again for more information.

Thank you!
The moderators


Facebook isn't the place; Twitter doesn't give you enough words, and emails aren't good for communicating beyond a single message to one or two people. What we need is a conversation in a safe place. Of course, "safe" doesn't mean we all have to agree. It does mean that we must be free to express ourselves without fear of ridicule or unfair judgment.

Thus I have created this forum, called The Write Beat's Nature Connection. It is meant to be a place where anyone who cares about nature and the planet can share his or her opinions, news, solutions, challenges, etc. It it my hope that we can learn from each other, not just to further a given environmental agenda, but moreover so that we can hold strong in the knowledge that we are not alone.

I'm thrilled that you are here. If you want to learn more about me, the moderator and administrator, I invite you to check out the About Page at TheWriteBeat.com.

First, know that I will be asking you to register in order to participate. This is intended as a means of creating that safe place ... a "club" if you will. It will help me guard against trolls and inauthentic sources. And it should increase a sense of security among users. You'll be required to create a username of your choice and password that contains both letters and numbers. Beyond that, any additional profile fields are optional; they are there to help participants understand where you are coming from in terms of opinions, sources, feedback, etc.

If you are new to forum participation, here is some basic information that you might find useful.

Forum Structure

The main forum board -- "The Nature Connection" -- is divided into subforums.

The first subforum -- "Hope and Persistence" -- was the catalyst for this whole project. It was created to further a discussion among participants who came to my in-person presentation on the subject of maintaining hope and persistence during difficult times. You are encouraged to share your thoughts on the topic, even if you did not attend the presentation on March 10, 2018.

The informative subforum -- "Resources for Solutions" -- is intended to be the place to share links, articles, and more about that which you want caring people to know. Feel free to add a topic, but remember that the outline structure will work best if all new topics are named according to the problem that the resource addresses. Please know, I strive to circulate only credible, science-based information. I will look to the community to help me flag any that are spreading false or questionable information.

The feedback subforum is intended as a place to tell me if something about this technology isn't working, or if there's something about it you like, or anything in between. Admittedly, I am new to forum administration, so I do expect glitches. Please do tell me if anything goes wrong!

I expect more forums to be added as the community grows, and the description on each will serve as its guide.

Registered users may start topics within existing forums (see New Topic button) or they can reply to one already started (see Reply button).

First, find and click the Register Link (top right of page). You'll need to validate your email address by answering an automated request sent to your inbox. This is to prevent spammers from joining our conversation. If you do not receive the validation or if you have any trouble registering, please email me via the contact link.

The Board Index link will return you to the main list of forums.

Click the Title of any forum on the list to enter. From there, you can zone in on specific topics of interest, again by clicking the title name to read and add to the conversation.

The names of registered users who have posted material or replies are in color. You can send a private message or an email to any who have chosen to allow such communication by clicking on the user name and selecting the option.

Subscriptions and Notifications
In addition to registering, you can also "subscribe" to any of the subforms in order to receive notifications when new posts are made. The link will appear in the page footer once you are inside first level (seeing the topic list) of any of the subforums. Also, on the right side of the header bar is a "notifications" link. Upon clicking it, you can toggle your preferred setting on and off. (See additional settings for further customization.)

Since it not my intention to limit expression, there are only three words on the censor list. Regardless, please be courteous. Write as if you are speaking to the person in public ... because you are. Not only does vulgarity and slander hurt the recipient, it is ruinous to the reputation of the person delivering it. Remember: this is designed as a "safe" place; let's keep it that way.