Grand Canyon of PA

The best way to get to know Ruth is to read what she’s written. You can do that by visiting one of her two Blogs (Back to Basics or Today’s Walk Outside). Or you can browse through the archived collection in her portfolio.

And you can read about her core beliefs on the Philosophy Page.


Here is the short version:

Ruth Heil began her career in advertising, consulted to small businesses after the agency closed, and now has landed firmly on the craft of writing. When she needs inspiration or support, she heads to the woods.

For the full autobiography, click here.


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Personal Interests

In addition to hiking and spending time outdoors, Ruth loves music. She has been playing the piano as an amateur musician for nearly 40 years. Thus, her work is heavily influenced by the rhythms, melodies, and harmonies of the various genres in her musical collection.

If you still have questions about Ruth, write to her and ask.