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Comment from: Michelle Frable

LOVE the title! WEELLL, even that lovely tomato/lettuce/mayo sandwich I had last night for dinner in honor of you (I swear, when Phil asked where the bacon was, I told him how much you and I enjoyed them together!) . . . doesn't sound so appetizing now . . . but with a bumper crop of 'maters, I'm sure by tonight I'll be ready for another one!

I hate when a stink bug gets lodged in your hanging wash and proceeds to leave its mark once fussed with, forcing me to wash the item again! Gotta get yourself some of those assassinator bugs - but THOSE do sting, so not sure which is worse . . . lots of luck with the remainder of your growing season! :)

08/30/13 @ 11:26

Was it always this? Were there extensive stink bugs 50 years ago? 100 years ago? If so, what did THOSE folks do? If not, why are they here now? Are you arguing for the rfe-establishment of DDT? Wasn't that banned for good reason?

08/30/13 @ 13:53

What is the relevance of DDT to the story?

08/30/13 @ 17:28
Comment from: Kathy  

I think the relevance of DDT is to say since it has been banned stink bugs are becoming more numerous.. We missed the hummingbirds, but not the stink bugs! Gppd writing sis!

08/30/13 @ 18:16
Comment from:

Sorry folks. The reference to DDT was related primarily to the vulture. It was meant to exemplify poison as a predator, and I did not mean to implicate its ban as a reason for the stink bug being in my garden. (Of course if it was still being used, that would probably be different story.) This post was not to be about DDT. This post was not to be about the elimination of "pests." This post was about odor as a defense mechanism.

Joe: as for your questions, I'm sure the answers can be found, however, I'm not the one to uncover them.

Michelle: thanks for the memory. Yum. As for getting bugs to destroy bugs, the stink bug is not enough of a problem for me to warrant such action. In fact, there are far fewer stink bugs this year than last, for reasons I do not know. I DO know, or at least believe, the stink bug is thriving because it stinks. If flies had such a foul odor, you can bet there would be far fewer humans willing to swat them.

Thanks for the comments everyone. Sorry for the five misleading words. Thanks for keeping me honest.

08/31/13 @ 11:51