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ruth that was a beautiful article from someone I think is a most beautiful person in body, mind, and spirit

07/25/14 @ 10:20
Comment from: Judy

Well said and my sentiments exactly. We still have so much to be grateful for and for living in this day and age. All I have to do is read a history book to know we "have it good", especially in the USA.

07/25/14 @ 12:37
Comment from: Michelle

DITTO! Someone once asked me years ago, "Why bring children into this horrible world?" I said, "That's why we had children, to change it." As you said, perhaps one day my children will make a difference in one person's life, who will pay it forward and be an avalanche of change. Thanks for your peaceful reminder in a confusing time :)

07/25/14 @ 13:00
Comment from: joy connell

This article goes right to my heart and the heart of 'things'. So beautifully comprehensive..Thank you; Ruth, for reminding us that nothing will ever change if we just sit around complaining, or worrying, or taking a position to defend ourselves.
This is NOT about me, life is much bigger and grander than where I stand. It's about importance of how I treat my neighbor and my neighbors on the other side of the globe. It's about how I respect the fact that we are different and that's all right, we all have our conditioning to reckon with and get past. We get off track in trying to prove ourselves and in trying to beat our the next guy.
Until we begin to recognize how we all fit together as a whole; peaceful co-habitation cannot occur. What can I do about the disharmony in the world?
Little things; like not letting the water run when I brush, minding the time I spend in the shower, being kind to the clerk at the market when she isn't paying me attention....understanding we all have 'off' days. But; MOST IMPORTANT is how I think, and how good thoughts soothe the soul and help heal the atmosphere.
Gratitude is essential for our sanity; nothing will ever change if I'm trapped in remorse.It's a beautiful world, not mine but ours. Together and by Gods' Grace we will form a chain that binds us together in Love.
PS...Love the comment about children being the Hope of our future. "Teach your children well!"

07/26/14 @ 08:23
Comment from:

Great comments from everyone -- Joe, Judy, Michelle, and Joy. It is a relief to know that the intention of this piece was understood, and it is a relief to know that there are folks such as yourselves making a difference out there, every day. Thank you all! And thank you for the compliments. You too are beautiful.

It is also a pleasure to read how you put your thoughts into action. I hope more readers will share their examples.

07/28/14 @ 09:20
Comment from: Kathy

That was perfectly stated...thank you for those thoughts~~~

07/29/14 @ 20:20