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Comment from: Chap  

We had a discussion similar to this at our men's dinner at church last week. Part of the problem isn't that people don't care but rather... how much trouble can you get in for showing you care? If a child is walking home at dusk and you know him, do you offer him a ride home or do you call his folks and ask if it's ok? Not a second thought was given when we were kids. Now... 2o years later a child can say you abused him and win in court. Quite frankly, it make me very cautious about caring.

The pendulum has to swing back and pole have to make a stand but who wants to go first?

03/20/12 @ 15:37
Comment from:

That's a very sticky issue you raise. It's caring laden with fear. Parental fear brought on by horrific accounts of other people's stories. And fear of the chance that you'll reach out to help the wrong child. Even though the fear is there, you still care. You care enough to think about it, bring it up, debate it, and make a stand -- not for yourself, but for the right kids. I find it hard to believe you can make caring go away.

And shame on the child who makes a false accusation. That kind of deviance has as cruel a consequence as an adult's abuse of a child's trust because it perpetuates the crime. It destroys the likelihood that a child be picked up by a caring adult. It denies all children a life where the righteous act out, opening the door for evil to prevail. It causes uncertainty against the true victim's claims. It is wickedness given the benefit of the doubt.

There is fear in all acts of caring. Fear you may appear weak. Fear your act will be perceived as a means of fulfilling some selfish, personal agenda. Fear you may be persecuted or ridiculed. These too make people cautious about caring. But they still care; they just hide it and feel alone.

Still, a world without caring creates ripe conditions for all our fears to come true.

Your church group should somehow teach the childhood congregation about the evil inside such a lie. Take the stand and say, "I will pickup a child in danger." Let you be judged on the merits of your honesty and caring ... Let you be a part of a group who does the same ... a group of adults no wicked child dare tangle with. Push the pendulum the direction you want it to go.

And if you still aren't sure, start a savings account for your legal defense so you can boldly continue to care.

03/21/12 @ 06:43