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Good job Ruth and no need to "justify" the Game Commission--this state has a relatively healthy ecosystem in many ways due to the DCNR--PGC partnership. It is real and it is effective.

01/25/13 @ 09:55
Comment from: Kathryn Bauer

Driving home from work today in the freezing cold temps I noticed a huge "flock" (I guess gaggle is the correct term) of geese landing, then I saw alot of white and I guess they were snow geese - what a sight to see!

01/25/13 @ 18:46
Comment from:

Joe: There is a unwarranted divide between a good many nature lovers and anything that has to do with hunting. "Real and effective," however, requires unity. My intention is to spotlight one such example with the hopes of raising awareness to the fact that hunters ARE nature lovers, too.

Kathy: How cool? Glenn and I saw such a sight coming home from an Easter camping trip. They were in a field near Routes 22 and 33 (near Easton). Can't imagine trying to count them though!

01/28/13 @ 07:16