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Comment from: joy  

"The earth is the Lord's, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it; for He founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters." Psalm 24
The earth is our mother
Our father is the air we breathe
Our mother provides everything for survival
Love, Nourishment, Joy, and Fullness of heart, Self Knowledge
Every instinct of creativity stems from the earth
Our music, our poetry, all work of arts
The earth is our mother and we are the children of her bounty
We must protect and respect her as she is our sustenance
Our Father in heaven hear our plea.....

02/02/12 @ 06:29
Comment from:

Joy: Thank for writing and posting your heartfelt words.

As I wrote this post, I thought about how we all direct our gratitude differently.

Some may simply be happy for the carrot they are eating. They are grateful.

Some may be happy for the soil and the seed and the rain and sunshine -- all that was needed to grow the carrot. They are grateful.

Some, like me, are grateful for the Earth because it is the frontier -- beyond the Earth we cannot survive. I am grateful.

You extend that gratitude beyond the skies, into the heavens. You are grateful.

At each level, in each direction, the common denominator is gratitude. A grateful perspective makes all the difference in someone's ability to live a fulfilled life. It isn't an easy one to keep, especially when life gets tough, but it is the one that can turn life around, no matter what your circumstance.

So let me say, I am grateful for your gratitude -- and your readership.

02/02/12 @ 14:05
Comment from: Sarah

When I do those things other people don't understand, like expending additional energy (from me and my body) to recycle or reuse, I've learned to use the phrase "it's against my religion" (not to do this), and people seem to accept that. My religion is that of loving the Earth and nature and every creature on this Earth. Thus I'm teaching by example instead of rhetoric. A plus to this: I've become a resource person for others. I am happy to explain the benefits of recycling, the evil side of waste, and offer good websites and such to those interested.

02/04/12 @ 09:04
Comment from:


What a great sentiment. I support you in your courage to boldly state your intention and stick to your beliefs. And I love that you are an "example vs. rhetoric." In the meantime, please tell "those who are interested" about this blog so they too can be a part of the community.

02/07/12 @ 11:04