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Comment from: Warren A. Jacobs
The biggest thing we can do is work to get the human population under control. As an environmentalist, I rank Planned Parenthood as the very most important organization there is. I think we should have a "Relay For Planned Parenthood" to show we care that they continue to be adequately funded.
04/01/11 @ 10:43
Ruth, what a powerful and profound piece. This... "think about all the manual tools you can no longer buy. Coffee grinders, clocks, and even thermostats." ...really resonates with me. It just drives me crazy that we often don't even have that option anymore, because hardly anybody still makes mechanical devices. It's like we're all being herded into this digital plastic dependency on the seemingly invisible yet ubiquitous centralized power grid. We're being willfully made to forget any of our skills that would keep us even somewhat independent, and the funny thing it's all in the name of independence. In reality we're becoming completely helpless and 100% dependent on a system of remote power that by any stretch of logic will not be available to us for a long time to come. I love your blog and your writing. It's so important to keep shining a light on this blind spot in our modern "way of life" and I'm honored to contribute my small part.
04/01/11 @ 11:04
Comment from:
Warren: True enough. Keep in mind my meaning here though: it is what we do in our own nest that is most important. Directing support to Planned Parenthood so that they can education and help prevent unwanted pregnancy is one thing; it's an act you personally can take. However "working to get the human population under control" -- getting everyone to embrace contraception for instance -- is like hoping the eagle will stop chasing the rabbit. I'm not saying we can't influence others' decisions. Leading by example and supporting others who share a cause is powerful. It is the main purpose for this blog. However, I don't believe we should try to fix our problems from the top down. Neither you nor I nor the president of the free world could do that - whether it be to reduce power consumption or the population. What we CAN do is act at home with purpose, even when those actions seemingly require hardship. Sven: Thanks for your contribution. Your words mean a lot especially since I am a big fan of your writing. I encourage everyone to click on Sven's name in his comment above and check out the "A World of Words" blog. Ironically, I wrote this post just moments before I read "The Irrational Fear of Nukes - A German Perspective." Obviously Japan is weighing heavy on everyone's mind right now. (http://svenworld.wordpress.com/2011/03/31/the-irrational-fear-of-nukes-a-german-perspective/)
04/01/11 @ 15:15