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Comment from: Sven
Well said, Ruth. DT is certainly a reflection of the worst of American culture — the selfishness, bombast, superficial consumerism, lack of self reflection and humility. So in many ways it was just a matter of time until the supersized mirror of our own shadow was held right into our face with this man who represents Ego in its most pure and unfiltered form. Obviously, Americans also have the capacity to be compassionate, thoughtful and kind. And it’s not even that some people are 100% caring and others 100% selfish, it’s just that in the binary choice of a presidential election where both candidates usually embody various degrees of the moral and emotional landscape, this time one of the choices offered no such landscape and enough people had their primal caveman instinct triggered enough (through clever manipulation, I should add) to vote for this guy. The good news is that the majority actually went for the candidate which I think more accurately describes us as a country: flawed and complicated, but ultimately with a good heart and intentions. So there’s a very valid moral argument to be made that this was just a temporary flirtation, an error of judgment from which we can learn if we keep focusing on the better angels of our nature and make sure that those are better represented and fought for, not just in presidential elections but in local races across the country. The bad news is that the damage from this slip of epic proportions will turn out to be so consequential that we will not be able to overcome them. I’m thinking about nuclear conflict or climate change, which are so final in their implications as to render any kind of legislative or cultural squabbling pointless. But we have no choice but to hope to avert the big irreversible disasters and work to make sure we can recover from the smaller ignorance-based disasters that will surely come to pass (figuratively and literally) in the coming months and years.
12/23/16 @ 14:38
Comment from: Joy Connell
Not sure you'll receive this.....you got it right but it's heartbreaking to think people are so swept away by glitz and glitter that they've forgotten how to feel. We have become desperate in an attempt to keep up and keep going we've totally lost direction. The election was and still is a circus. I recall on interview, only one, when asked about being presidential DT replied; "Oh; I can be presidential you just wait and see! What did that mean was he so busy acting like a clown because we are all perceived as idiots? Why couldn't he act 'presidential' all along? What does it mean? For me this stage of existence is essential to figure out the meaning of life. How do we treat our neighbors? Why do they matter? If one of us is hurting it affects us all. Compassion for each other keeps it real. For in the worst of us there is a something that reflects the best of us. We are all essential to the whole. It is a beautiful world that abounds in ugliness at times. I choose to see the beauty and respect the space I'm given. But what do I know?
12/24/16 @ 08:56