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Thanks for the support, Claudia. It means a lot to me as I'm sure it does to others who are reading this and doing what they can.

01/17/12 @ 14:57
Comment from: faith zerbe

great great blog ruth and thanks for the support! i'm totally with you on your sentiments.....and we will fight together hard to ensure 2012 is another frack free year for the Delaware and work hard to ensure the rest of PA is also protected.

01/17/12 @ 21:07
Comment from: Mike Mathias  

I don't propose that I know much about the Marcellus Shale area. I know a little more than a little about fracking and what that process involves and I know a lot about energy, specifically about electricity, that is my field of expertise and employment. I work for an Electric Utility and I control the electric distribution (not transmission) grid for Pennsylvania from Elverson to the Poconos. I haven't seen “Gasland” and I am of above average intelligence (I think). Now that all being said... I'm scared!

I'm scared of our (this country's... the world's) thirst for energy. When denied energy (eg. electricity), people tend to show the ugly side of human, that desperate side of someone trying to survive when confronted with the absence of something that they have become accustom to as “always” being there. I've seen it first hand, I live it every time the electricity is lost to the masses for more that a period of time that is best described as an mere inconvenience.

I mention all this because I am an apathetic, middle-of-the-roader type of person most of the time. Then there are the times I want so desperately to join the cause, to pick up the fallen banner that defines the quest and march on to champion the “I want to do right thing” cause! But alas, I usually just think about the noble deed of which I aspire to and then turn up the thermostat, shut off the lights and crawl into bed, in a bedroom that is kept warm and lighted when I wish, by energy!

So this is my way of screaming (because I don't pray and I won't cry)... my way of joining the cause, my attempt of picking up the banner. I WILL support organizations that support the environment over those that support the energy companies although that may be counter productive to my vocation, but what the hell, the energy companies will survive, it will just cost them a little more money to do things the right way! I encourage all you other middle-of-the-roaders, average “Joes” to get off of your couches and support those that as Ruth says, “already have the weapons to take on the giant!

01/17/12 @ 22:07
Comment from: joy

When the core of pure consciousness-raising connection surfaces we begin to understand our responsibility to the environment. Every individual has a sacred duty to the preservation of their world. We cannot strip away segments of the scheme of things without depravation of the whole. The wildlife, human ecology, and our home is at stake! I will watch Gasland - thanks for the awareness nudge.

01/18/12 @ 04:37
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Faith: Thank you for being a Riverkeeper. You are in the trenches for all of us.

Mike: You are an inspiration. You are in the energy business yet can see consumption as a problem. Your perspective is valuable to me because I don't believe the energy development issue has to be "us against them." I don't want this country to invest a single dollar in generation that dramatically scars the Earth, yet it still does, all the while we are told that alternative solutions are too expensive and not worthy of investment. They've back us into a corner with their lies.

The presentation in which I learned about Marcellus was SUPPOSED to be about wind farms and their impact on birds, but the presenters were so upset about Marcellus, they diverted much of the evening's program. When they came back to the topic of wind, they described monsterous turbines that were so large they require power to get spinning as well as woodland cuts for mountaintop access roads, etc. etc., Suddenly I was being told to fight against wind power -- a solution I'd be hoping for 30 years! What was going on? Then the common denominator revealed itself: large-scale industry. Solar panels on rooftops in Arizona or small wind turbines in fields in Kansas, or switchgrass pelletizers on farms in Pennsylvania would be investments I could get behind; ones that I might feel less guilty about when I crawl into my warm bed, but they're not the kind of thing that would make large-scale industry any money. The wealth would be spread around far too thin for them to let any of that happen.

We energy consumers have been put into the position of "us against energy" because of large-scale industry, and as a result we have also become unreasonable. We now expect that the lights MUST stay on EVERYWHERE because we are out of touch with what it takes to keep them that way. When I chop wood to feed my wood burner, I conserve the wood I burn. When we generate; we conserve. Simple as that.

I support you in your courage to demand a different way, even when your livelihood depends on it. You too are in the trenches.

Joy: awareness can be as beautiful as it is painful. Fill yourself with the beautiful things to find strength to fight the painful ones.

01/18/12 @ 05:56

Thank you for this beautiful article. I had a similar reaction when I first attended a Gasland screening in 2009. I've been a supporter of DRN ever since then, and have even run two marathons to raise awareness and funds for the awesome work they do. You can link to support DRN from my site, or go directly to http://www.delawareriverkeeper.org/
Together we will overcome this threat to our watershed and work towards a national fracking ban.

01/18/12 @ 08:29
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Thanks Andrew. I must correct my post; I did think I'd been hearing about GasLand for two years, but when I researched the Website, I saw that it was released in 2011. Regardless of the actual date, it feels like it's been forever. Much has transpired since .... as evident by TWO MARATHONS! Wow.

(note to all readers: Click on Andrew's name to get to his site: www.andrewmcrath.com)

I think it is also worthwhile to note that DRN has been working to protect the Delaware for many years, against many threats. It can be exhausting to think of how difficult it is to preserve such a gem, but it also proves the Delaware's value. The savviest thieves target the jewels that are most rare. Thank you for all that you do protect American's true wealth.

01/18/12 @ 09:04
Comment from: j. butera

Ruth, as always, you ROCK. Altho much is not understood, you always highlight what I should be learning. I thank you! Glenn and you are everlasting supporters of this earth. Hats off to YOU!

01/19/12 @ 16:06
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Thanks Janet. Sadly, there are so many threats it would cripple my sanity to learn about them all. I have to stick to the ones closest to my heart.

Someone once asked me, if I could choose just one issue, what would it be? My answer: wilderness protection. Even if we never set foot in them, expansive natural areas contribute to our quality of life in ways we cannot quantify. We have to leave places on the globe unharmed so nature can be nature. As commenter Joy said, "The wildlife, human ecology, and our home is at stake!"

And hats off to you to remaining open to learning.

01/20/12 @ 06:38
Comment from: Michael Lawler

I am wating to watch this movie and will mention that I live in Wisconsin where we are just now starting to become informed on this issue...the primary reason being that we here apparently have the type of sand that is needed in the process. While your stories appall me, we will likely be experiencing a different type of problem. Here it is the sand processing and the water that is needed to do that. Between the problems associated with any kind of mining and surface water quality, we will also likely see our water wells do dry due to water useage. Thanks for all the powerful information.

03/25/12 @ 20:52
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Michael: Thank you for posting. A good friend of mine sent me this story a few weeks ago:


This truly is an issue of national proportions. I'm sorry to learn of one person struggling with it, but I am glad you shared your voice here. Let us know what you think of the movie.

03/26/12 @ 06:11

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