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Comment from: Joy Connell

Aha......So sad to lose a friend! That sweet, ambitious, little bird brought so much free entertainment into your life. These thing of nature must have a purpose. Is it that they make us pause and notice what is going on around us? Is it that we are able to sense the connection with another dynamic of our world? Or is it that every time I look into the eyes of a deer it's like looking into my own soul?
Yes; we all have a reason for being here but the adventure of reaching beyond gives us the oportunity of discovery and extends our ideals as well as gives us a reason to be responsible for all of creation. I expect it makes us glad to be alive and partake in event of this very day......
Praises for your sensitivity Ruth and the sharing of your discovery.

09/27/13 @ 19:02

Thank you, Ruth, for an interesting article with useful tips. Dr. Klem was my professor for Ornithology at Muhlenberg. It was an engaging class, and I still remember some of our birding field trips to Trexler Park in Allentown.

10/06/13 @ 12:47
Comment from:

Joy: Pausing and noticing is so very important, partly because it DOES instill a sense of connection and contemplation. It's like a tap on the shoulder, an urging to stay focused on what is most important. Thank you for your perspective.

Paul: Great to hear from you. Dr. Klem would be glad to know his class remains in your fond memory. Hopefully he'll see this. Meanwhile, Trexler Park in Allentown is also a gem, whether you're a bird fan or not. Many of the photos for a past blog post on the topic of trees were taken there. Click here to read if interested. And thanks for sharing.

10/08/13 @ 10:36