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Comment from: Maribeth

So glad you posted this Ruth. My husband actually does the fridge maintenance every year but as nutty as life has been this year, I'm sure he's forgotten as I have. I'll put a post-it note on his desk that I'm sure he'll enjoy - LOL. But I'll make him a deal - if he pulls the fridge out (our coils are on the back), I'll clean it. It really does make a difference in how well the fridge runs!

03/30/12 @ 11:16
Comment from: Sven

Great advice, Ruth. The refrigerator is the one appliance in our home that is on 24/7 and thus uses the most energy on a consistent basis. Keeping those coils clean is not only good for your electricity bill, but if everyone did it on a regular basis, the amount of energy that would be conserved would be significant.

03/30/12 @ 13:25
Comment from:

Thank you Maribeth and Sven. On the surface, my post might be received as one more thing to add to a person's already full list of things to so, but underneath it is actually a task that could save them from paying a higher electric bill or buying a new fridge, both of which will reduce their impact on the planet. I appreciate your comments as they help to enforce that point.

03/30/12 @ 14:17
Comment from: Paula

It's also very satisfying to see that sweater of dust come off the coils! My summer cabin has a propane-powered refrigerator, so no moving parts and no coils to heat or clean, no electric bill to worry about (but there is the small matter of hauling and hookin up 20-pound propane tanks, though).

03/30/12 @ 17:53
Comment from: Joy  

That's so cool! (Not a pun) Who would have thought? I'm not a cleaning freak but am a neatnick. I read yhour article to my husband so hope he is inspired!
Thanks for the prodding! Your wonderful..........Joy

03/31/12 @ 06:17