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Comment from: Joe Hoffman

One of the primary DDT conspiracy offenders is Howard Stern. He thinks it's funny; he does not realize what a dis-service he does defending pesticides.

03/23/12 @ 07:37
Comment from: Judy

This is more incentive to build that bat house! (see previous blog)

03/23/12 @ 07:45
Comment from: Mike Mathias

Ruth, what a simple, and I'll bet, very effective way to deny the ever persistent mosquito his lunch on me, literally.
And for those who may be worried about what it will cost to run that fan, here are a few general figures: Window, box and pedestal stand fans vary from 55 to around 250 watts of electric usage. Taking a round figure of 200 watts times 10 hours use per day gives us 2000 watts of usage or 2KWH (KiloWatt Hours). Using a total cost of 13.29 cents per KWH (that's what I pay per my current bill)... it would cost me less than 27 cents to run that fan for 10 hours, probably much less when using actual figures for the fan's power usage and usage time.
So go ahead and blow those pests away!

03/23/12 @ 11:19
Comment from:

Joe: I had no idea Mr. Stern would even care about DDT. It certainly isn't a joking matter.

Judy: Yes, I was thinking about the bat box as I wrote the post. Let me know if you start a business of it.

Mike: Excellent news. I knew fans didn't take much power, but I didn't realize it was that low. Thanks for the calculation!

03/23/12 @ 13:25
Comment from: Paula

That's one reason it's so pleasant to be on a beach: The breeze keeps the mosquitoes away. Too bad the greenheads (horseflies) are heavy enough to defy the moving air.

03/23/12 @ 19:36