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Comment from: Joy Connell

Artistic endeavor in all shapes comes magically to the artist to find its form. Whether writing a sonet; playing an instrument, or dancing on stage. It is all heartfelt. True art appears and cannot be denied or ignored but needs to be expressed in order to be fulfilled. We are the vessel - responding to what we believe. The artist molds a vision into reality and when it is finished must give it away. Oh how satisfying when another person gets it, enjoys it and cheers you on!
Again; thany you, acknowledgement
is important at home and on stage..........

08/13/12 @ 06:41
Comment from:

You're welcome, Joy. I heard a cheer this weekend, unrelated to art, that proved ones power potential. I was part of a committee at the Philadelphia Folk Festival that built a kitchen, setup a food line, and served about 2,500 volunteers during the festival. The whole thing gets built from scratch in the August weather to health department standards by a crew of about 20 people. Wednesday is the first day of serving and is the hardest work for various reasons. Tired. Hot. Sweaty. Stressed. The crew of 20 gets to feeling pretty well spent after four days of hard work. Then, one man with a booming voice, came through the line. He shouted, "This is my favorite restaurant. I love you, Food Crew." I can't tell you how good that felt to everyone there. Tears almost came to our tired eyes because of this simple cheer. He could have kept silent, but he shared and spread happiness. I never got to see his face, but I'll remember his voice.

08/21/12 @ 10:37