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Comment from: bob

When it matters to me and my outdoor activities planning, I do appreciate seeing the future radar and extended forecasts. It can't be denied that they are getting much better at it. Only a decade ago Gomer Pyle could have done a better job at guessing the weather than the meteorologists! What I have very little appreciation for is being told what the weather will feel like to me, e.g., heat index and wind chill factor. Do they somehow know how thick my skin is or how tolerant I am to the temp. extremes, wind, sun or humidity? And..... I don't need a guy with a bow tie to know which way the wind blows! Think I'll put some Bob Dylan on now, thanks for the suggestion!

06/22/12 @ 11:01
Comment from: Paula

It was bad enough when the wind-chill factor came along, because just reporting the temperature alone was too old-fashioned. So people were scared into feeling colder than they really were. And now, we have the heat index, to make us feel hotter!

06/22/12 @ 19:37
Comment from:

Bob & Paula: You both raise good points that, as Paula hit it, "just reporting...was too old-fashioned." I applaud the better forecast, and yes, like to be able to see the radar, but when it comes to reporting, I like old-fashioned. Thanks for the comments.

06/25/12 @ 07:01
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12/26/12 @ 06:57