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Comment from: joy

When I had surgery on two different occasions, I didn't have to ask for help my sister just showed up armed with products that would aid me in recovery. Whenever I had a major change in my life she was "there". It seemed lopsided though because she was always self-sufficient and healthy; I couldn't return her generosity. Ten days ago she had a knee replacement and I was there, in the hospital to encourage and then was able to spend time at home assisting in anyway I could. I love her so much!
What pleasure derived in leanding a helping hand and paying back. An act of kindness doesn't necessarily need to be directed toward any particular person, it could be a stranger. The reward is always the same; that of being useful and making a difference within our own world. That confidence allows me to ask for help when I need it because I'm giving the opportunity to someone else.Passing it on........

03/09/12 @ 13:28