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Comment from: Kathy  

Isn’t it funny that I associate a singing robin with you? I guess it all has to do with that annoying robin that wouldn’t stop singing at your campsite at Spring Gulch Folk Festival. No one could tune that bird out! I went for a walk the other day and the park was swarming with singing robins looking for worms. I smiled and thought of you. :)

03/02/12 @ 10:06
Comment from:

Kathy: You're so right on about the redundant robin. It was that very Spring Gulch resident that was on my mind as I wrote about trying to tune some songs out. I heard other campers whistling the repetitive song that weekend too, so I know it was getting to others. But there, even in the annoyance, you and I can always smile when we think about that bird song.

03/02/12 @ 10:24
Comment from: Kathryn Craft

Lovely reminder, Ruth! This is a great reason to use sounds in our fiction writing as well—for all of the associations we bring with them.

03/02/12 @ 13:05
Comment from:

Feel free to use the post as a reminder to the many fiction writers you help every day. Thanks for sharing this angle!

03/02/12 @ 14:01
Comment from: Claudia  

This is exceptional. Your writing is both lyrical and musical, conjuring aural and visual memories like crazy. i left Australia with the sound of currawongs and lyrebirds still in my head. Vibrant imagery, for sure!

03/02/12 @ 14:16
Comment from:

Thank you Claudia. That means a lot coming from a musician.

03/02/12 @ 15:01
Comment from: Maribeth

I really love this Ruth. My husband & I love bird watching. We're blessed to live in a neighborhood with 100' sequoias and mature spruce trees that birds love to nest in. We've even had a nest of red tailed hawks. Listening the birds is "almost" always a calming joy but I admit quail "song" is not one of my faves ;) I feel calmer just by reading this piece and I thank you for that Ruth - a lovely gift on this Friday afternoon ♥

03/02/12 @ 17:08
Comment from: joy

There is no doubt that sound can transport us like the 'coo coo' of the morning dove. You know its a lazy summer day awaiting. Sitting on a rock with closed eyes letting the sounds of the singing brook mingle with the chirping of the birds, the chattering of the chipmunks,the whistling of the wind, will produce a virtual symphony of nature. Think the great composers found inspiration in these very sounds.
Recently our group had an assignment to identify our "personal passion". Mine culminated as One Voice becuase I feel our gifts whether musical, lyrical, or physical all need to be complimented to be realized. I may have compassion but not without somone who need help. The violin sooths our soul but not without the musician to use the bow. Tis' true sounds are relevant to our sense of Being. Very true!

03/03/12 @ 05:41
Comment from:

Maribeth: I'm the bird watcher in my family. My husband enjoys them, but he doesn't care to sit and wait or search them out with me. He tolerates with patience my delays when we are hiking, and he always points out movement when he sees it. But I do sometimes wish he shared the interest with a little more passion. However, it just proves how we all have a varied appreciation for the things around us. I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the post.

Joy: "A virtual symphony of Nature." Yes indeed! Thanks for sharing your voice.

03/04/12 @ 06:53
Comment from: Kathy B

Great writeup! Also liked the garden sign; I have that in my garden also...a Nana memory! Thanks

03/04/12 @ 13:21
Comment from:

Kathy: The sign has held up really well. She gave that to us YEARS ago. It's funny how so many of her gifts came in 3s ... one for each of us. :)

03/04/12 @ 15:32
Comment from: Pam B

I love this post--birds mean so much to me, too, even though I don't know who they are by call. I'm working on it! Love your weekly idea--nice job.

03/04/12 @ 18:33
Comment from:

Thank you Pam. I often have to work to remember the calls all over again each spring, after months with the windows closed. A lot calls match the bird's name, like the chicadee..dee..dee. It does add a deeper connection, but there are plenty of beautiful songs sung by composers I do not know.

03/05/12 @ 05:55