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Comment from: Sharon

Just spotted one the other day while Brian and I were outside doing yard work. At first wasn’t sure what kind of bug it was but then quickly realized what it was!

05/31/18 @ 06:27
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Tree of Heaven can be a little difficult to identify at first because it is similar to black walnut as well as sumac. Check out the links; authorities advise that you remove MOST of the Tree of Heaven. The remaining ones you then treat for the lanternfly, which makes it deadly bait. Look for the tree along the edge of your driveway. I don't have it here because it's too wet.

Tree of Heaven Fact Sheet

Basal Application and Hack & Squirt Technique Explained

Be very careful about glyphosate (Roundup). It's overuse is causing major problems in the environment. By mixing it with a carrier oil you essentially create a "paint," which allows you to target the application. Spring, sadly, is not the best time for treatment.

Excellent presentation describing lanternfly life cycle and potential damage

Good luck!

05/31/18 @ 08:05
Comment from: M.Frable

Found one lonely adult in our pool late last summer, then found a grouping of nymphs last FALL on our pine trees . . . not sure why so late in the year but the thing that drew our eyes in the first place was a constant hovering of yellow jackets on the ground and on a covered wheelbarrow under the trees. After determining there were no nests, we looked up and saw the nymphs! Bees were partaking in the honeydew (black sugary tarlike substance) left behind by nymphs that will destroy the trees. Telltale sign. For sure we've spent the winter searching our property as well, but as you show above, they could nest ANYWHERE! Gonna spend a good deal of time inspecting the yard now!

05/31/18 @ 11:48
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M. Frable:

Ugh, sorry to hear the bad news. However, I'm grateful for your vigilance. You're within the quarantine area, right? if not, you should report the sighting. Good luck.


05/31/18 @ 12:10