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You have explained it precisely. I have lived in my house since 1965 (yes that is 48 plus years). By doing that. I have created things that simply did not exist before. Folks are trying to get me to down-size (too big a house for just me. . .) Maybe someday, fairly soon, they will be right.

But not just yet.

11/27/13 @ 14:22
Comment from: Kathy

I become extremely emotional with any thought of leaving where I am now, and still dream fondly of the farm where we spent most of our young years. I look at the trees and the nature as you describe the robins, and wonder will the nature around me sense I am gone, as I will wonder how "it" is without me.
But as dad once said to me when imagining a move to New Hampshire, "what an adventure it will be". I think of those words often. Enjoy!

11/27/13 @ 14:54

all the best with your move, Ruth. Places and things become imbued with meaning as we bond with them more deeply over the years. Even though we know on a rational level that everything is impermanent -- and there's perhaps even a level of comfort in that knowledge in a broader universal sense -- we are at heart very primal comfort creatures. The comfort we get from the steady rhythm of mother Earth is powerful and important. I wish more people could relearn to find comfort in seeing a flock of robins instead of going to the malls for material comfort.

11/28/13 @ 01:36
Comment from:

Joe: My sister's comment that follows yours is a great way to look at change: an adventure. It's all a matter of perspective, I guess. But wow, 48 years!

Kathy: Who better than my sister to understand exactly how I am feeling? Well said.

Sven: Thank you. And yes, I too wish more people would find comfort in other things, and in this case in a sense of place. For the brief time we are here, it's so much more meaningful if we can tune in to where we stand. It's a reason why I prefer to read a map versus get directions via GPS. I don't just want to know where I am, I want to know where I am in relation to other places ... like being north of the robins' destination. And as for the material obsession of the holiday season, I can only hope that the broadcasts of people fighting over cheap television sets will reflect back like a mirror so the actors can truly see themselves.

12/04/13 @ 11:52