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Comment from: bob j

If anybody needs a key just ask. I have hundreds of them which have lost their locks. Never thrown a key out because you never know when it may be reunited with it's counterpart, or possibly a new mate all together.

As for carrying keys around, no thanks! For me, locks may as well be open, or on buttons since all my keys are probably either in the lock or stashed within a couple feet. I find they're a lot less likely to get lost that way! If I do lose one, it's just that, only one, and not my entire life's worth. It's also very rewarding to go get in an old car of mine and find the key is right where I left it 20 years ago. In the ignition! When it really matters, just disable the engine.

Also, having other's keys or knowing where to find them is scary business for me. I prefer to avoid the suspicion in the event something bad happens. That goes both ways too!

01/03/12 @ 11:31
Comment from: joy  

This is ironic because I just recently tossed several keys that have been on my key ring for a l o n g time. It made me a little crazy not knowing where thay took me in the past.
Also have to think of Seinfeld comedy when they kept switching extra keys. That's the ultimate example of the importance we place on keys.
We have a keyrack in the kitchen holding nothing. My most precious key today is the ONE to our mailbox. The mail is dropped 1/2 mile away and if we lose the key it takes a week or so to replace the lock and it's costly. As for the house-key ,we have dogs.

01/03/12 @ 13:47