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An education program on this topic would be an ideal candidate for a League of Women Voters Warer Resources Education Network grant. Or a good topic for the Schuylkill Watershed Congress.

02/15/13 @ 10:57
Comment from:

Joe: You are so right. Actually, there are two sessions planned for this year's Watershed Congress Along Schuylkill:

1.) Occurrence of Pharmaceuticals, Hormones, and Organic Wastewater Compounds in Pennsylvania Waters, 2006-2009, Andrew Reif, U.S. Geological Survey, and

2.)Keeping Drugs Out of Drinking Water, Teresa Mendez-Quigley, PSR Philadelphia ,and Julie Becker, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia.

Of course, I hope to see my good friend Julie of Water Resources Education Network at the watershed conference as I usually do. Both Riverkeeper and WREN are aware that I'm available to write about the topic should anyone need communication help.

02/19/13 @ 11:54