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Comment from: joy connell
This is beautiful, not just in text but in purpose and inspiration. I really envy you (please excuse the implication) for believing in yourself enough to place it all out here for whatever others may need or think. It is a brave approach to living! Most of us; not unlike myself, only 'think' about how our thoughts and actions might influence others in a way that could impact the world. You have the detemination and guts to put into action what is pondered in your heart and soul. Sharing the "walk outside" is a personal experience that we all encounter in our short journey on earth. Problem is that clutter & chaos pile up when we are pitted one against the other. The desire to achieve has pushed us all against a wall. Communing with nature allows space for pure thought from which springs ideas of originality and holy pursuit. I expecially like your range of viewpoints that pays homage to all tribespeople. We have so much to offer each other! I was reading a good book last night "A Primer in Pastorial Care". The author said she was nudged into writing the manual by circumstance. I think this expedition would make a good book and believe you are headed in that direction. Keep on walkin' on..........and thank you.
09/14/15 @ 10:40
Comment from:
Joy: There are many reasons why the average American (like me) has been "pushed against a wall." One of those reasons, I believe, is the preaching we are subjected to, especially by those with an intention to manipulate. I appreciate your recognition of the bravery it takes to speak out. It's difficult to start this conversation without the support of those who understand its purpose. It's not about promoting spiritual enlightenment, although that could be a goal of the individual. It's about the journey, one that's easier to embark upon when kind people nudge us along. Ruth
09/16/15 @ 08:39