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Love and independence is my #1 struggle. And I have always come down on the side of independence. Freedom. you bet it has a cost; but it also has a benefit.

09/26/14 @ 11:11
Comment from: Joy Connell

Might we say; "Want our cake and eat it too"? Yes I agree that life is full of contridictions and it's a big job to sort out. Being available to help others while wanting time for ourselves? It seem to often that when I volunteer for for a project I get a permanent position; and yet I need other people in order to remain aware and current on the needs of our society. I once studied Yoga rather seriously and started to lose myself. Reaching new spiritual levels that left reality behind. Yes; it's a complex balance so I believe in priorities (that keep changing) but always; always with a willingness to explore new ideas and concepts. Great List!

09/26/14 @ 16:23
Comment from: A friend

What an excellent list!! Really makes me think and is so very very true. Thank you.

09/27/14 @ 11:26
Comment from:

Thank you everyone for sharing!

Joe: May you find yourself in the company of those who love you for your independence and may you also love others without expectation of anything in return. And were it not for freedom, what would be the worth of fighting about structure?

Joy: Yours is the plight of most women. The nurturer in us must remember to nurture the self as well as those it loves. And how far away from each other is spirit and reality? Ideally those two should unit, but your inclusion of it here I quite understand.

A friend: You're very, very welcome.

10/03/14 @ 13:01
Comment from: Judy

Friendship and solitude, just like you!!

10/05/14 @ 20:16