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The difference 110 years have brought is that conversation, once important and life-changing, has degenerated into 24-hour news infotainment. So even if a Theodore Roosevelt and a John Muir existed today; any attempt by them to meet would generate calls for investigations and impeachments and resignations and political advantage everywhere. This is not unique to the liberal or conservative, Democratic or republican, sides of the ledger--it is pandemic and unlikely to change back regardless of what happens in 2014--or 2016.

10/03/14 @ 12:21
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I love the challenging and well-informed response to which I reply: so what once took place at the top must now begin at the bottom.

10/03/14 @ 12:49
Comment from: kevin

Ruth, could not agree more with your sentiments. the idea that hunting and environmental advocacy are mutually exclusive always baffled me. i grew up in the "hook and bullet" fraternity and gained a life-long love of the outdoors from that experience. my best guess is the extremists from either "camp" have so alienated the extremists from the other, that there is little room for intelligent discourse there. let's hope we can all be a bit more understanding and accepting of ALL outdoor-loving folks.

10/03/14 @ 13:09
Comment from: Warren A. Jacobs

Think we'll ever see a Republican like TR again?

10/03/14 @ 20:20
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Kevin: I wonder, then, how many are subjected to and acting on a sort of residual peer pressure -- "Don't talk to them; they're a menace" -- handed down through the generations along with the wisdom and the love. Thank you for sharing your very relevant perspective.

Warren: Your words have been in my head frequently these days, as the election campaigns rage on.

10/14/14 @ 08:13