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Comment from: Karen

Hi Ruth - excellent article - and I just thought they were ugly and liked to nose dive kids at dusk (which happened all summer in my back yard when I was young!) I had no idea the good they do the environment

10/30/17 @ 08:55
Comment from: Joy Connell

You did it again; got my attention and just maybe sympthetic awareness on a subject - 'I rather not go there'!
Haloween seems appropriate for these little fellows since they are definitely scary (to most of us) Yes ignorance is bliss and don't know what to say about "old wives tales". But once we see the LIGHT it is hard to hide under a pillow - so please keep doing what your doing.
Enlightenment feels good........Joy

10/30/17 @ 10:16
Comment from:

Karen and Joy: I'm glad that I was able to sway your opinions of the bat, even if just a little.

And Joy, admittedly, my first reaction to a bat in the bedroom would very likely be to hide under a pillow.


10/30/17 @ 17:48
Comment from: rosalie_lisa  

You have educated me once again. Thank you for your enlightening, succinct, and thought provoking topics.

10/30/17 @ 18:18