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Comment from: JOY CONNELL
very nicely summarized! Very nice; simply put, I'm with you. Tomorrow I turn 80 which had me out of sorts until friends surprised me with a party. The fun and attention brought me back to reality of how fortunate I am to have Friends, Family, Health and a future that is my time. Yes I do want to make worthwhile: Excerpt from a verse about this event remind of somethings you wrote.. "AT TIMES LIFE FEELS LIKE A CURSE LOVED ONES GONE AWAY - ASTRAY A WORLD OF SHAME, NO ONE TO BLAME MY HEART SHUTS DOWN AND CRY'S YET AGAIN THE SUN COMES RISING AND THE NORTH WINDS BLOW HERE TO CHOOSE THE WAY WILL IT BE GENTLE, IS IT KIND OR WILL STRENGTH AND MIGHT ENSUE I CHOOSE LOVE THAT THREAD THAT BINDS I CHOOSE SMILES AND HUGS SIDE BY SIDE MY WORLD IS PASSION SO SUBLIME....."
11/21/18 @ 14:25