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Comment from: Judy

Boring? Definitely not! Interesting, though, and expected with the big move you 2 are making. Relax, breathe, repeat...........

11/01/13 @ 12:54
Comment from: Joy Connell

Dreams can serve a purpose or can just be a kaleidoscope of mental confusion when we over indulge. The trick is for us to discern the difference!
Personally, I can tell when it's a message for me to share with others or just a fantastic fantisy. Some dreams scare me so I try to forget them but the remanents remain, some assist me with the creative process. Example; I might be working out a poem or thought that need expression and it's going nohere. I drop it; go to sleep and wake in the middle of the night with the the perfect solution in mind.
This is a dream of sorts the kind that stimulates our creative energies. Is it from my imagination or is it a greater source available to all; present only to those who believe?
Dreams are also beneficial to our good health because we all need that deep seated rest.

PS:Follow your heart with the move it won't steer you wrong.

11/01/13 @ 13:21
Comment from:

Judy: Thank you. Next thing you know, I'll be dreaming about being stuffed inside a cardboard box! :)

Joy: Ah yes, mental confusion. Many dreams do that to me. But I find that telling them to someone can help with that, like "getting it off your shoulders," so you can forget about it and move on. All the more reason why I vow to listen when a friend needs to tell. As for waking in the middle of the night, that topic came up during a recent online college course on creativity I participated in. The professor described HIS days in college. One night he was awakened by a solution to problem related to a big assignment. He got up, wrote it down, and went back to sleep. This happened for many nights in a row. Because he took the action to get up and write it down, he later found himself with a road map to his completed project, one that eventually earned him high marks. So, when that creativity wakes you, be sure to capture it by writing it down. Finally, I do appreciate good sleep and am thankful to be blessed with it. Thank you for the encouragement, too.

11/02/13 @ 07:54

One thing to remember thouigh is never to take dreams too seriously after a physical life changing event like a surgery or other major operation. the combination of the medications and the toxins being generated inside your system through its healing process can produce truly bizarre dreams where characters can change in gender, appearance, location, etc. within scenes in impossible ways according to the laws of physics and chemistry. that is what I am going through since the gall bladder removal surgery on November 1.

11/11/13 @ 12:51