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Comment from: Warren A. Jacobs

I used my summer vacation to go to western PA to see emerald ash borers. Does that count?

01/11/11 @ 08:59
Comment from: Bob J

Lets go skiing then!

01/11/11 @ 09:12
Comment from:

Bob J and Warren: I happen to know you two are both self-employed. Self-employed people tend to be the biggest offenders when it comes to forgoing vacation time. Skiing counts. Emerald ash borers, for a tree surgeon, seems a little like work. Visiting a healthy or well-cared-for specimen is probably a more positive approach to stress management. Thanks for the comments.

01/11/11 @ 09:34
Comment from: Warren A. Jacobs

A lot of self-employed people consider their lives to be one big long interesting vacation!

01/11/11 @ 09:54
Comment from:

A shy reader emailed me directly to say that some companies have a "needs of the business" clause that limits vacation availability for managers. How about a "needs of sanity" clause?

01/11/11 @ 09:58
Comment from: Warren A. Jacobs

Quit that job TODAY! If you are that valuable, you should be an owner, not a slave!!

01/11/11 @ 11:03