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Lehigh Valley hasn't quite busted out into spring yet but I think this next warm spell will do the trick; Philadelphia area always has a week or so "jump" on us; and then another week or so to the Poconos.
04/11/14 @ 13:25
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Thanks Joe. Your comment reminds me of a book: Edwin Way Teale's North with the Spring, A Naturalist's 17,000-Mild Journey Through Spring. In it, he chronicles how spring advances in longitude. I believe that is also the volume (there is one for each season) wherein he finds it advancing in altitude as well. He observed activities moving up a mountainside at nearly the same rate as north to south. Still, if ever I miss something down here, such as the blooming of the lilac bushes, I know I can always drive one hour north to catch it in your area.
04/11/14 @ 13:54