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Comment from: Michele

The fortitude of activists like you is how the average person sees change to important causes. Encouragement and motivation gets others involved. Great message this week, Ruth!

10/10/14 @ 11:45

One of the best posts you ever had. I do the exact same thing. Information is meant to be shared for the individual to decide what to do or not do about it. Respect for the individual reader is a prerequisite to securing their attention.

10/10/14 @ 12:18

well said, Ruth. I'm also really tired of being yelled at, but I think what bothers me even more is that when you actually do take action and you sign a petition, donate to a cause, or respond in any other way, they automatically put file you in a category of the "willing" and they send even more requests for money and clicks. Quite frequently, if you respond to anything your email then also is given or sold to other organizations or causes you're presumed to want to support or be engaged with, which gives me that same annoyed feeling of being treated like a toddler. I guess I could just tell myself not to be so sensitive, accept that this is a proven method of success for activist organizations, and just delete and unsubscribe the emails I don't want or like. However, aside from the time-consuming whack-a-mole of dodging unwanted campaign spam, it elicits in me that same defiance you speak of that makes me want to actively NOT support a cause that I might otherwise agree with. Obviously I'm not alone in this, so it would actually be pretty interesting of what the percentage is of people like you and I who these campaigns must simply count as "collateral damage."

10/10/14 @ 12:55
Comment from: Joy Connell

As an 'older' member of our society I'm interested in everything that is fair and decent to all our inhabitants. I do not want to be excusive to any one campaign regardless of how important or how essential it is to our survival. I'm intereested in the whole picture but fine it difficult to sort out what is really important to the universe. I will persitst in trying to be sensitive to each and every effort to get our attention and co-operation and I will do what I can - but don't BUG me when you are totally committed. It's a huge world out there and I need time to decipher....So much to do!!!!

10/11/14 @ 17:07
Comment from:

Michele: Thank you for the support.

Joe: You too are a down-to-earth, well-informed reader, and thus want information ... to which Sven raised a wonderful point in his comment that immediately followed yours.

Sven: It's funny how often I hear complaints such as, "if only people cared." Your extended observation -- noting the even more annoying problem of being a target -- is spot on. It's a great question, then. Do people not care or have they simply been put off?

Joy: Here. Here. I'm with you on the "whole picture" thing vs. the totally committed agenda. It's wonderful to have committed, focused advocates for a single cause. It gets thing done, I suppose. But as Sven said, we sensitive folks are collateral damage. The proven method of campaign success he described may provide the most return and thus be followed by the most active groups, but there is still a place for us. We can still make a difference. And we can do it in a way that suites our own style.

10/13/14 @ 14:17