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I still think, in the long run, the change you seek will occur. It may be by necessity and not totally by choice, but it will occur. Community, family, connectedness---humanity!!!!

05/23/14 @ 15:02

Thanks so much for the shoutout, Ruth, the feeling is quite mutual. The Valley Cafe sounds like a lovely place because of the people who make it happen. It's certainly not impossible to create a comfortable atmosphere at a Starbucks, and I bet many nice personal relationships have been forged between Starbucks baristas and customers. But I think the roots are deeper and more meaningful with small business owners, because you know that both social AND economic currency stays in the community, continuously putting nutrients back into the local cycle.

As far as the human over monetary concerns, I've been linking a lot to Bronnie Ware's "Regrets of the Dying" post lately (http://bronnieware.com/regrets-of-the-dying/), which I think drives home the message quite powerfully that almost nothing we humans truly yearn for has to do with money, even though we often use the pursuit of money as a vehicle to find the things that really matter. With little success, most of the time, I might add.

05/28/14 @ 01:44