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Comment from: joyconnelll

When we were kids I heard it all the time; "stand up straight" and pull that tummy in! It was so ingrained in me that when I started driving all my friends said I was 'stuck up'. My posture was naturally good so was my health. Over the years, surgeries and whatnot, my body began to slump. When I joined the local helath club I became aware of how poor my posture had become. Now when I'm on equipment working out I deliberately talke to myself and say; "stand up straight and tuck that tummy in".......(never too old)

08/04/18 @ 08:21
Comment from:

Joy: That's an interesting observation about your friends. Why is it our high school peers seemed more interested in hunching us down than lifting us up? I guess it just takes a little maturity to figure out those aren't true friends, another thing about which we are never too old to learn.

08/07/18 @ 08:28