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Comment from: Michelle

CANNOT WAIT to hear what other adventures your new home will bring over the seasons - I believe this one is the tip of the frog pond! Enjoy!

04/04/14 @ 11:45

I am very happy that you are leaving the wetland for the frogs and others. You have a good heart and are doing the right things.

04/04/14 @ 13:38
Comment from: Joy Connell

Hurrah for you! Catching those little critters must have been 'slippery'. They definitely deserve a chance to reside in the proper environment. I'll bet they will eventually add to the whole of your landscape & the neighborhood. It feels good to do the right thing!
Wonder how they got there in the first place? Better check it out and create a barrier so you don't have more visitors.
They are cute little buggers.....

04/04/14 @ 15:30
Comment from:

Michelle: Yes, every day is a new adventure here. Thank you for the encouragement.

Joe: It's an easy task for many reasons. 1.) I can let nature do the work in stead of starting up the lawn mower, 2.) the rewards of having a healthy environment are far greater than the rewards of looking at a manicured, sterile lawn.

Joy: Oh how perceptive you are! Yes, the next step is locate the other end of the pipe so we can put a screen on it, pronto.

04/04/14 @ 16:43
Comment from: Luanne

Although I definitely think you want a screen on the other end of your pipe (make sure it's not too find so it doesn't get clogged), you really don't need to be nervous about transporting pickerel frogs. Even if they wanted to bite, it wouldn't hurt: )

04/09/14 @ 21:59