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I don't even know what to think about grammar anymore. I like it. I use it. But I am loathe to criticize anyone who does not; because their reasons might make perfect sense.

02/14/14 @ 12:47
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Joe: In the business world, creating documents such as proposals and the like, opinions are formed about the writer in the same way a person is judged by their attire. Are they smart? Professional? Coordinated? Or are they sloppy and uncaring? It's a cruel reality, but we must go on what is presented to us. There are many instances in which the rules are consciously broken in the business world, too. Advertising copy is a great example. Shortcuts through text messaging another. Unconsciously we must deal with cultural slang. Jargon can turn commonplace (like "Google" it). Sticklers for accuracy may find they've misjudged the writer, or they may effectively weed out an undesirable. It's difficult to know. All we can do is be who we are and do the best job we can. Still, I believe you are right to hold off criticism, at least until you understand the writing or the writer.

02/14/14 @ 13:54
Comment from: Warren A. Jacobs

Write what your audience wants. In my case, if they don't like what I write they're not my intended audience. When it's potential clients you are dealing with, it pays to sort the ones you are going to get along with from the ones you don't want. ;)

02/15/14 @ 14:44
Comment from:

Warren: Thank you for raising a great point: audience. We fail when we try to write for everyone; we succeed when we speak to a particular reader.

02/18/14 @ 11:05