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Comment from: Judy

The first time I ever heard the beep..beep..beep of a truck backing up was upon arriving in Japan in 1975. I thought there was a goose behind us, never heard that before. I think they started that whole revolution. So every Friday morning the trash truck makes me think I'm back in Japan and have to laugh!

06/07/13 @ 08:57

I don't think urban life was ever quiet--dial back 125 years and they had different noises but the same tedium--fortunately there is always Hawk Mountain Sanctuary when genuine quiet is desired. . .

06/07/13 @ 09:05
Comment from:

Judy: That's a great story. Now I too will be thinking of (cursing maybe) Japan, even though I've never been there.

Joe: Thank you for the great suggestion (Hawk Mountain). As for 125 years ago, there may have been noise, but I doubt there were so many alarms. The trade off, I know, is human life protected. Let's just be sure to protected the sanctuaries, too, because otherwise that protected life won't have much quality.

06/07/13 @ 09:25
Comment from: Janet

Ruth - you really make us think. I'm in the kitchen and can hear the washer going, the TV talking heads and somewhere outside there is a bird chirping for my attention and the beautiful rain steadily streaming down. Wake up senses and smell the roses! Thanks, Ruth!

06/07/13 @ 09:53
Comment from:

Janet: Turn off the talking heads and listen to the birds and the rain. :) Of course, the silencing of mechanical and electronic things is an unreasonable expectation in our day-to-day lives, but it is something we need once in awhile. At least I do anyway.

06/07/13 @ 10:00
Comment from: Bob

I think the closest I (or we) ever came to no artificial noise was after 9-11 when all the air traffic was stifled for a brief few days. Unless that happens again, there probably never will be such a place anywhere.

06/07/13 @ 10:50
Comment from: Joy Connell

Aha that sound of silence..........we yearn for but forget about it and just keep on moving.
It seems unreal when I venture into the woods and experience the quiet until we hear the rustling of leaves and see signs of a white tail in the distance and wonder what other creatures leark in this sanctuary.
We are not alone (ever) but still the absence of noise makes it seem so. It's somewhat iry but also wonderful not to have the familiar smells, the sights, and the sheer beauty, interupted with sounds that permeate our daily existance - all without invitation.
Venture up, venture out, dive deep, or go out into the night and let the stars pierce your being, and know the silence. It is magnificent and healing at once!

06/08/13 @ 17:54
Comment from:

Bob: I forgot about that period after September 11th. It made one realize just how often we hear planes without really thinking about them. Great example, albeit a bad way to achieve silence.

Joy: Beautiful.

Sorry for the delayed reply. I just returned from a week in a quiet place: Northern New Hampshire. We hiked into an area designated as wilderness (via the Wilderness Act), but apparently we did not go deep enough. Even there, I could hear truck traffic in the distance. I noticed the birds seem to sing more quietly there, as if they didn't need to shout the way they do in Southeastern PA. Then, on the way home through New York's Catskills, I heard a deafening nature-made noise along the Thruway: this year's Periodical Cicada

06/17/13 @ 06:38
Comment from: Joy Connell

Ruth; the Cicada reference is facinating. Most of the rumors I'd heard about the arrival of the cicada's was scary but when you read the scientific study it's downright amazing! Honestly it makes me humble and justified to know I'll never understand the mysteries of nature...but always wanting to try. So glad you had your timeout...Joy

06/17/13 @ 07:15