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I agree. I will say that having had the choice; I am VERY glad I have stayed where the FOUR seasons are. I would not want to chase the sun around the country; winters in Florida summers in the Northeast. While 5 degrees is never much fun; highs of 35 and lows of 25 are quite acceptable and lead to different types of activity.

02/01/13 @ 12:03
Comment from: Sarah Besterman

I couldn't agree more. I could have written this entire piece myself, as I am so wholly in agreement; but I also would have never gotten around to it, as it is the "f-month".

02/02/13 @ 09:45
Comment from:

Joe: I read an old passage recently wherein the author pointed out that we humans share with our animal friends a single need ... beyond food and water ... and that's the ability to keep warm. And yes, who can take for granted the warmth of the spring and summer after he has lived through the cold of winter?

Sarah: Thanks for pitching in. Conditions are made easier when I know that I'm not going it alone. I'll be thinking of you on the first day of spring!

02/04/13 @ 10:36