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Comment from: Michelle Frable

What a wonderful neighborhood you live in!

10/17/14 @ 11:21

Much of this learning about watersheds has occurred in the last 50 years. That is why there is such an interminable gap between seniors and the rest of the population. Did you know the average age of the FoxNews viewer is 68 to 72? To many of them a watershed is still just some hippie buzzword. The trick to survival of this country and this planet is whether we can overcome our seniors.

10/17/14 @ 12:59
Comment from: Joy Connell

I do not think we need to overcome our seniors. Every generation does the best they can with the information available to them. As our environment deteriorates it has become an urgent matter of survival. The ignorance that caused existing conditions cannot eradicate the problems we are facing. I am thankful for people like you Ruth - and all those who work locally and globally to understand how we can help the universe. Protecting the elements means putting our focus on restoration and the highest and best use of our space. Good information on the watershed and beautiful descriptive language on the path. Thank you!

10/17/14 @ 21:39