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Even one's comfort zone is never fully explored; so new things are still possible within it.

09/05/14 @ 15:51
Comment from:

Nice way to sum it up, Joe. Thanks!

09/05/14 @ 16:00
Comment from: Joy Connell

Beyond my comfort zone means driving somewhere I've never been. It always scared me to death and even when I was successful in getting there it never relieved the anxiety. Thank goodness for GPS! Also never had the patience to practice to the point of finding real success in my music, painting, knitting, or writing. Still I love the challenge and usually have enough determination to complete the task. So many things delight and fascinate me about life especially when they stimulate creative imagination. I just want to keep the curiosity of each moment alive.....Interesting subject!

09/05/14 @ 20:35
Comment from:

Your interests are great examples of the other side of the story, the delight in expanding into new challenges. Thank you for sharing. And drive safely!

09/25/14 @ 21:18