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Comment from: Joy Connell

Thanks for the good sound advise to take it slow and easy! Mindfulness is the key when you make a choice like I did recently regarding canola oil. When I decided to eliminate it entirely I was shocked to see how many shelf items contained canola/other oils. It really takes dedication but change can be achieved when we take the time to respect ourselves. Like you said the body serves us well so we need to think about it. NOW I NEED TO PICK ONE THING!

07/21/12 @ 06:55
Comment from: M. Frable

I wish I could find the quality of veggies all year that we can in the summer . . . even still, I'm waiting for my small crop of tomatoes to come in so we can enjoy those tomato/lettuce sandwiches you and I enjoyed so many summers ago! One of my favorite summer meals!

07/24/12 @ 09:18
Comment from:

Joy: I must research the topic of Canola oil. Thanks for sounding the alarm.

Michele: Cucumber sandwiches must suffice until the tomatoes are ripe.

07/26/12 @ 07:53