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Comment from: Sven

Good information, Ruth. Joining a CSA is one of the easiest ways to both take care of your physical and spiritual well-being as well as making a big statement in support of local farmers. It's a win-win.

02/24/12 @ 11:39
Comment from: Matt Holliday  

We have two CSAs in our next issue (March/April 2012 of Pennsylvania Magazine): Red Earth Farm and Sunnyside Farm. They are both active with PASA, too.

02/24/12 @ 11:44
Comment from:

Sven: I share your love for simple solutions that solve multiple problems.

Matt: I will be sure to watch for the issue. The PASA (Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture) is a great resource, too. http://www.pasafarming.org/

02/24/12 @ 15:17
Comment from: Pace Smith

I loved being part of our CSA. The trouble was, being in Texas, it was full of 90% peppers, and we could only eat so many peppers. (:

02/27/12 @ 08:29
Comment from:

Pace: There is value in eating what grows where you live at the time it is ripe, but local eating can also offer an overabundance in one or two things. Variety is important for balanced nutrition. You raise a great point, and this is another question to investigate when CSA shopping, too. According to this site, you should be getting much more than peppers (yummy as they are): http://www.picktexas.com/

Meanwhile, I find that what grows easily where I live (PA) is exactly what my body craves, at the time that it is ripe. Buttery lettuce is refreshing when the temperatures are rising while heavier cabbage comes in to fill me up when the temperatures drop. Our stores stock oranges and bananas, touted as great sources of Vitamin C and potassium, but since they don't grow here, I must get those nutrients from the farmer's leafy greens, nuts, and potatoes.

I remember your (or Kyeli's) Facebook posts last summer, looking for new ways to prepare peppers. I'm sure you've come up with some clever recipes. However, don't forget to ask for avocados so you can serve some guacamoli with that salsa!

02/27/12 @ 09:35