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#2 "Heel" instead of "heal".

#8 "Breathe" instead of "breath".

But two little faux p[as do not at all hurt a very logical and sensible article. I already tried it once.

And the concept that mental confidence is gained through physical action is well worth returning to in the future.

02/08/13 @ 08:40

Ruth, great article, I constantly reminded our daughter (now 15) to stand up straight, sit up straight, etc. She has told me of several occasions where people have complimented her posture. I am very proud. Now, it seems every day I am reminding our 11 year old. Annoying to him now, but it will stick and make an impressions, hopefully in a few years he will understand the long-lasting benefits.

02/08/13 @ 08:50
Comment from: Joy Connell

I found myself inching upward while reading the article. Definitely coming at appropriate time for me just 1 month post-op knee surgery.
Complications resulted in neglecting the therapy necessary for normal mobility. And because of one leg the whole body is suffering.
I liked the artcle and reminder that we are many parts working together. Respect for body and mind are a natural by product of gratitude for life.
Posture was preached all of our growing-up years with an emphasis to "suck it in"!

02/08/13 @ 08:52
Comment from: kathy

Good article, Dr. Sportelli would be so proud of you!

02/08/13 @ 09:52
Comment from: Meg Gruwell

You must have been writing this for me! I remember my mom telling me to stand up straight, and deliberately hunching more, so it doesn't always work. Thanks.

02/08/13 @ 10:58
Comment from:

Joe: Thanks for reading AND for putting what you read into practice already!

Michele & Meg: As I was writing this, I was thinking about many young girls I've known, particularly tall ones. They hunch their shoulders and curve their backs and shift their weight to the side as if they are can will themselves to be shorter, more like the crowd. I wish I could show them how much more beautiful standing straight is, not only for appearance but for self confidence and health.

Joy: I too had better posture on the day I posted this. Funny how that works. Do take care of that knee. Best to be ready to walk outside and look for signs of spring renewal.

Kathy: As I kid, even though I like his humor I HATED going to Dr. Sportelli (our childhood chiropractor), but now that I'm adult, I'm grateful for his talent in keeping me straight.

02/13/13 @ 06:17