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Why are our tolerance levels down so much though? THAT'S the question. 20 or 40 years ago we could dismiss a person as a "Crabby Appleton" (remember that?) and go on with our day unaffected. Now, we all just want to give up. What happened to the WORLD that took all the spunk and spark out of US?
08/02/13 @ 16:38
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Joe: Hmmm. That's an interesting perspective (as usual). I can't really say I see it that way, and maybe it's because of the intensity level. More people. More stress. More speed. Higher expectations. Farther distance from the simple realities of basic life (a.k.a. out-of-touch). And the ability for Crabby Appleton's to spread their message anonymously, in the case of the Internet and Blog comments. Also, take the instances of road rage. That's a relatively new condition, a term never heard 40 years ago. So yes, the ratio of negative people to positive people may not have changed, but the impact the negatives are able to make has, in my opinion. Thus, the positives must ramp it up, too. Whaddya think?
08/02/13 @ 18:26
I'd never heard the term "Advocate for a Miserable Existence," and I really like it. I think those people have probably always been around, but the internet allows them to spread their bad vibes beyond their own immediate environment. The sad thing is that these folks seem to have a lot of time on their hand to spread their poison. I guess it's probably because all the people who are more constructive are out in the world making it a better place. My mantra, whether online or in the real world, is "don't feed the troll." I know it's hard not to argue with someone who is in your grill about every single detail (the "all or nothing" troll) but I just try to ignore those people. Every now and then, if it's actually a real person who's just really confrontative, you have to push back. My strategy is to be firm but never escalate. In fact, with each response, try to dial it down a notch. Start the sentence with "I totally hear what you're saying" for example. Since they usually get off on confrontation, they end up getting bored and move on to other places where people take their bait, if you don't give them what they want.
08/02/13 @ 23:33
Comment from: Judy
I like to use what my Mom always said, "You don't know just how good you have it today!"
08/03/13 @ 14:13
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Sven: Well, the Advocate label is my made up term. Feel free to use it. I can appreciate your advice since you strike me as someone who is willing to "stick your neck out" for positive change. Yours is a good strategy, which I will try to remember. "Be firm but never escalate." Judy: People may not realize all that your Mom has been through. Without that knowledge, the phrase can have a little bit of a negative feeling. However, coming from someone who has survived the evils such as those survived by your mom, it shouts the truth. Still, I TRY not to pass judgment on the crabby apples or the Advocates for a Miserable Existence beyond the fact they are simply downers. Quite often, even in the presence of grumpy fighters, I forget how good I have it.
08/06/13 @ 22:17