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Comment from: Joy Connell

I really enjoyed this perspective on manipulation of time.....I never understood why it was necessary to disrupt my inner time clock 2X a year. It usually takes me at least a week to adapt to the change! So what you're saying is that when men attempt to mess with nature there is usually a self-serving motive behind it all - regardless; if it aint broke don't fix it! The original idea might have been akin to using our church building a few times a week to opening the daycare for school children daily? I believe that balance is the ultimate necessity for a happy life; we need rest, we need to be pertinent in our world, also we need to be reasonable when others see the need to change the order of things. I like these thoughts, thank you Ruth.

03/07/15 @ 08:24

This is a big topic that goes straight to the heart of so many problems of western civilization. We thought that by subdividing nature and the universe into the two-dimensional canvas that fits our human brains we'd be able to conquer and dominate them. But as it turns out, by putting everything into linear boxes, we've just created boxes that are bursting at the seams with the debris of externalized nuance and mystery. I recommend my friend Sharon Ede's post about how the many ways in which time is anathema to life in balance with nature -- http://www.cruxcatalyst.com/2013/02/27/time-for-sustainability/

03/07/15 @ 15:05
Comment from:

Joy: After 6,000 years, imagine what would happen if we went back to life without synchronized clocks? Yes, balance. It's the best we can hope for.

Sven: Thank you for your comment. "bursting at the seams with the debris of externalized nuance" - Yes! As for mystery, I wish we could be happy to let some things be unexplained, to allow for more mystery, to -- like preserving forests -- save room for contemplation and wonder. Don't you? And thank you for sharing this link. I love when people share!

03/09/15 @ 07:32

So why don't we go back to the real time? And what exactly would that be? When the sun is at its height it's noon? Or the moon at midnight?

In reality there would BE no time. Just approximations based on animal instincts of eating and sleeping.

Having said all that, I am glad it is now light until after 7.'

03/09/15 @ 10:09
Comment from: Joy Connell

Just a curiosity - what about the sundial it is fixed and stable. And does it really matter when you're a momk or a hermit?

03/09/15 @ 10:42