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Great story, Ruth. Well written and spellbinding. As far as the tech aspect, you are so spot on. It's as if we're losing any of the animal instincts we may have still have had. As someone living in the center of where all this tech madness is being cooked up - watching people hunched over their devices around dinner tables and bump into street signs of streets they are gazing into their gadgets to find - the description of this obsession with eliminating every possible mundane inconvenience life could present us with, is this: The New Tech - Finding Solutions to Problems that don't Exist.

I wrote an article (http://matadornetwork.com/bnt/whats-the-best-thing-youve-ever-experienced-that-you-couldnt-find-online/) a while ago about my first encounter with a cell phone, in which I was trying to describe how our increased dependence on technology not only robs us of our sense of place, but our sense of belonging, adventure, and humanity.

04/17/15 @ 12:46
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Thank you for the comment, especially the link. I hope everyone who reads my post will read your words, too.

And your year-old-and-still-super-relevant piece got me thinking: food is a really hot trend right now. So many big movies are about food and restaurants and chefs. I've been attributing this to the "foodie" media, and I still believe that's most of it. But now I'm considering that people are grasping onto food as their lifeline to reality, in much the same way I focus on nature.

And I appreciate your taking the time to comment. It's great to have a Silicon Valley perspective, even if you are a Silicon Valley outsider.


04/17/15 @ 15:09