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Interesting change of pace topic. Enough to make me go to lunch with a professional expert in these matters.

03/15/13 @ 08:45
Comment from: Judy

Thank you thank you! And no matter how many times you tell people, they will continue to do it. However, I like hearing it from someone other than myself.

03/15/13 @ 11:08
Comment from: Joy Connell

Spring is almost here with summer soon to follow! At this age, we go to the lake surrounded by mountians and sit st the edge of the beach under the big trees. I usually take a book or knit until the ants have their way and start crawling into my bag of tricks and get me on my feet. Ah; the great outdoors with tree to shelter under a bright day. Lets take heed about overprotecting things. Mother nature knows best! Thank you Ruth

03/16/13 @ 04:42
Comment from:

Joe: I enjoyed lunch, but I'm not an "expert," just a conscientious observer who does her best to share the truth.

Judy: That is sad that your efforts are not paying off. You must be very frustrated.

Joy: "Mother Nature knows best!" I like that. And I smile at the vision of a gal sitting under a tree knitting away or reading. We'll be there soon.

03/18/13 @ 06:56