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Comment from: angie  

I am so very upset that our children are missing out on the most important principals I was once raised on. The libraries, the after school programs at the neighborhood recreational centers the summer jobs etc..has been removed from our younger generation. What really surprises me is that our mayors and politicians aren't that much older than myself which means they used these same facilities as a child so they should understand just how important it is to keep and teach this generation growing up now.

10/04/11 @ 13:30
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Angie: You know that is a great point. At least there are parents out there like you who are fighting the good fight, for all the kids. It's just such a bummer that it has to be a fight at all. Thanks so much for posting your comment.

10/04/11 @ 13:38
Comment from: Jodie

thanks for the thoughtful words on the great value of public libraries. I am heartened by this and by the numbers of people in the library when I go there. There is absolutely nothing else like a library in our society today, extinction is unthinkable.

10/04/11 @ 19:59
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Jodie: I know you as an avid reader and assistant, school librarian, and I can tell you that you were in my thoughts as I wrote this. You summed it up well in just three words: extinction is unthinkable. Thanks for posting the comment.

10/05/11 @ 07:16
Comment from: Gwyn

What a moving post. As a lifelong reader and lover of books I can really relate to this.

I have to admit I've not used a library since moving to this house 10 years ago. I keep meaning to join, but I guess my own large library and the computer have made me lazy.

This reminds me to make the effort.

10/06/11 @ 13:15
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Gwyn: When I finally renewed my card, I was surprised at how much today's library offers. Montgomery County libraries offer access to such a wealth of online databases that it is worth getting a card just for them. Indian Valley was offering downloadable audio books, but that might be one of the cutback areas given the new appropriations.

Regardless, soon after I wrote the post, I saw a television ad for a membership-based, audio book download club (can't remember the name; may have been Amazon's Audible.com club). Libraries don't advertise; maybe that's why we forget about them. Sure, the library may not have the latest titles available for download, but think of how many titles they WOULD have if the readers who could afford it would sent THEM $14 each month (i.e., Audible.com monthly membership fee).


Thanks for the comment!

10/06/11 @ 13:46
Comment from: Jodie

I am an avid reader and am now a Nook reader owner. This week I used the public library to borrow and download an eBook for my Nook. There is much to choose from and it's easy to do. Thanks to our public library system -Montgomery County Norristown Public Library.

10/10/11 @ 19:49